Our Fabrication Process

Our specialty is total stone fabrication of all types.
We supply slabs, template digitally, fabricate using our state of the art CNC machine and personally install every countertop to ensure the utmost quality. With more than 110 years combined experience, our master craftsmen can make almost any idea a reality. At Rye Marble, nothing is too custom.

Our Process



Whether choosing slabs from our MASSIVE inventory or sourcing from an outside supplier, Rye Marble makes the selection process as painless as possible. We import truckloads of stone directly from Italy. Passing on savings directly to our customers. Rye Marble leads the industry in sourcing material. From marble to quartz. We have it in stock ready for your project. 

Digital Template

2. Digital Template

Our Leica 3D Disto laser and Proliner 8 are the most accurate templating machines available. No wood templates here. Everything we do is 100% digital, and 100% accurate. We offer full CAD services as well to meet the needs of todays discerning clients. What takes the “other guys” hours to do by hand, usually hot glueing strips of balsa wood together. We do in minutes using state of the art measuring devises. This keeps our turnaround time incredibly fast, seam changes a breeze, and pieces dimensionally perfect. 

CNC Fabrication

3. CNC Fabrication

Every Rye Marble countertop is fabricated using our state of the art five axis CNC machining center. For lack of a better term, this thing does literally everything and anything imaginable with pinpoint accuracy. You have to see it in action to believe it. Don’t be fooled by others claims of “made by hand is better”…  When it comes to your custom stone work, you want it touched by us. We have invested heavily into our production system and have the capability to effortlessly (and for you: cost effectively) produce the most complex designs with ease and accuracy most “stone-age” stone shops could never even dream of. By the time the “other guys” have made a template…. We’re already loading perfectly machined pieces on a truck. 


4. Install

Our install crews are our greatest asset. These guys work hard and they refuse to rest until the job looks perfect. And they don’t just install your countertops, our experienced mechanics are here for you every step of the way; from questions about our fabrication process to maintenance and care information, Rye Marble has you covered.


At Rye Marble. We love mitered edges. And we produce the most crisp, seamless mitered edges around. Give us a call and ask us how we do it!CNC2


Automated CNC sawing line keeps costs down, and production HUGE. No job is too big for dimensionally perfect stone.CNC

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